Henry rifle supplies have been in short supply.  The latest word on the shortage from Henry Repeating Arms is below.

All H001 and H004 – should be readily available. These models are shipping on a regular basis. All distributors have been receive significant quantities. We, CountrySidewalk, have the H001 in stock.

H002 US Survival- short supply till July. All versions (black, silver and camo) are expected to be in short supply through the end of June. We, CountrySidewalk, have Black and Silver in stock now.

H003T and H003TM - Not until August. Henry Pump Action 22LR and 22 Magnum will not be available until early August.

H006 Henry Big Boy - Look for 44 mags in June, 45 Colts and 357 in July.

H009B – 3030 Brass Octagon Henry finally will start shipping the H009B at the end of June for the first time. Most of what they will ship at that time will be for Henry Collectors. In July the gun will be available for regular distribution.

Start planning ahead if you wish to order any Henrys.

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