Artist Bios:

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CountrySidewalk is proud to carry the works of a wide variety of artists. We are show casing a few the artists on this page in no particular order.

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Mike Scovel:

Mike Scovel Artist
Mike Scovel's artwork has been a western tradition for over 25 years. His style is a distinctive hybrid, laced with humor and rendered with true fine art technique. Millions of greeting cards, mugs, posters and all sorts of other products featuring Scovel’s lovable, down-home characters have been sold around the world.

"I like knowing that my paintings make people laugh," Scovel says. " We could all stand to laugh a whole lot more!"

Jody Bergsma:

Ever since her childhood in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, Jody Bergsma has been drawn to create paintings from her imagination. She first established herself as a professional artist in the field of children's fantasy illustration, but as she grew older she felt a strong desire to develop a new style of work. Inspired by trips to art museums and her close relationship with the natural world, she created her Natural Elements™ paintings, which weave myths, wildlife and cultural symbols into a unique and inspiring vision. Today, Bergsma's distinctive watercolor artwork and award-winning children's books are sold throughout the English-speaking world.

Josephine Wall:

Fantasy artist Josephine Wall considers the love of color and form manifested in her paintings as an obsession rather than merely a career. Her head filled with fanciful illusions, she works quickly with acrylics to record the endless stream of inspiration. Each of her works is meant to convey a thought-provoking idea or a message of wisdom to the viewer.

Debbie Mumm:

Debbie Mumm started her design business in 1986 with a handful of quilt patterns. It has grown into a full-service studio that is recognized around the world for its whimsical and carefree designs on a variety of best-selling products. The delight and charm of Debbie's art are a true reflection of her positive attitude, boundless energy, and enthusiastic sense of fun.

Boots Reynolds:

A lot has been said about Boots Reynolds over the years... but we can't print most of it here! Boots has been a horse trainer, ranch hand and rodeo clown, but has been long recognized as a leading figure in the field of cowboy cartooning. He has a gift for finding the humor in scenes of hard living and desperate circumstances, and this has expanded his popularity well outside the West.

Sandi Gore Evans:

Sandi Gore Evans' life was dedicated to making art that would reflect the simple joys and honest pleasures of our world. Inspired by her loving family, close friends and cozy Midwestern home, she used her brushes and pens to express a bit of the wonder that she always found in everyday life. Delighting in the beauty of simple things, Sandi's art offers a fresh outlook to life. Her characters are sure to bring out the smiles in everyone.

Pamela Silin-Palmer :

Pamela Silin-Palmer's art is influenced by painters of the Italian Renaissance, 17th Century Dutch masters of still life, and Victorian illustrators and Romantic painters. She co-founded the Faunus Studio of Decorative Art in 1976, and since then her painted furniture, murals, ceramic ware, rugs and fabrics have been represented by top showrooms throughout America.

Ben Crane :

Western cartoonist Ben Crane has been expressing his unique view of the cowboy life through art for as long as he can remember. Growing up on the Canadian prairie and working on ranches has given Ben a barn full of memories to draw on. In addition to his cartooning and occasional serious art, Ben is also an accomplished musician and songwriter in the genre of traditional western music.

Mary Baxter St. Clair :

Mary Baxter St. Clair believes that fantasy is necessary and helps us to remain balanced in this all-too-real world. "Faires and angels have been part of my life ever since I was small and have always been very real to me." she claims. "I simply borrow their magic in my craft." Her sense of wonder is apparent in all her beautifully detailed paintings of wide-eyed children, ethereal angels, and elusive pixies.

Jim Warren:

A Los Angeles newspaper once described Jim Warren's work as "somewhere between Salvador Dali and Norman Rockwell." A self-taught painter, Jim defies easy artistic categorization, but his work never fails to make an impression. "Each person sees something different in my paintings that relates specifically to them," he says. "That, to me, is what art is all about."

Larry K. Martin :

Whereas most artist learn to specialize in one media, Larry K. Martin uses a diverse array of painting, drawing and three-demensional techniques. Recognized as one of America's leading wildlife artists, he has exhibited with the National Wildlife Federation and the Audubon Naturalists Society. His work also hangs in both Houses of Congress and the White House.

Jack Sorenson:

Jack Sorenson grew up living the scenes of the Wild West that he now paints. As a child in Texas, he roamed at will through the dude ranch and movie set that his father ran. The memories he made continue to lend character and authenticity to his work. "I've known all my life that I was going to be an artist," Jack says. "It's like a preacher being called -- it's what I'm suppose to do."

Kim McElroy:

A lifelong horse lover, Kim McElroy portrays the spiritual and dynamic presence of these magnificent creatures through her mastery of pastels. Kim's intuitive understanding of the horse's benevolent, powerful nature enables her to paint subjects which seem to have a life all their own. "I strive to capture the emotional impressions these beings inspire in all who admire them," she says.

Bryan Moon:

Bryan Moon enjoyed a long career in the aviation industry before opting for early retirement in order to explore the world and make art full-time. His artistic travels have brought him from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from Africa to China and many points in between. An exhaustive researcher of all his subjects, Bryan's unique cat and dog art is popular across three continents.

Anthony Casay :

A native of Madrid, Spain, Anthony Casay came to American as a young, aspiring artist and quickly won critical acclaim. In each of his paintings, the chosen scene comes to life through the animated interplay of movement and light. The artist's smooth, delicate brushwork and expert glazing technique lend his work a classical, luminescent quality that appeals to a wide international audience.

Margaret Sherry :

Margaret Sherry is an English artist of wide-ranging talent, broad inspiration and great versatility. Painting with bright watercolors on specially hand-made Italian paper, her subject matter ranges from the warmly whimsical to the bawdy and humorous. Margaret's diverse body of work has proven to offer something that will appeal to most every taste and sensibility.